Cynthia Yang

Congratulations to Cynthia Yang on her admission to NBS!

Septemper 2021

We are very excited and proud to announce that our student Cynthia Yang has been accepted to Canada National Ballet School(NBS)and she will be starting the full-time Professional Ballet Program in September 2021.

Cynthia has been learning ballet with Ms Zhang for only one year and her great achievement is mostly attributed to her determination, Ms. Zhang's dedication and the parents' support. As her first ballet teacher, Ms. Zhang made tailored lesson plans for Cynthia to prepare for the selection rounds. With her ideal physique for ballet, the natural talent and hard work, she finally stood out from the pre-selection in the NBS summer program and got the offer.

Way to go, Cynthia! You will have a bright future in NBS!

Advance I

Congratulations to Our Advance I Team!

November 2020

Three students from our school took the RAD Advanced 1 ballet exam and passed with good results and high marks: One merit and two distinctions.

It is not easy for our students to get such excellent achievements during the pandemic. From studio to Zoom, online classes presented so many new challenges: lagging music, frozen screens, limitations on space and floor surface at home, lack of equipment (mirrors and barres), etc. For advanced levels, Students always learn better in studio with teacher's hands-on adjustments than online with just verbal explanations. Without the in-person interaction with the teacher, it was very hard for students to get the effective corrections. When finally studio reopened, with only two months left to prepare for the exam, our students and teacher found themselves in a race against time. Despite all these obstacles, with all their great passions for ballet, hard work and unwavering dedication, they made the best of a bad situation.

Bravo girls! Congrats! Wishing you a nice trip to the next chapter of your ballet journey!